We provide very delighted services to our clients

We Build Trust

We try to deliver our project to client so they wont get disappointed

Quality Products

We had provide a best quality services all over the globe and none customer had complain on our design and product

Our Heritage

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. And they're always glad you came. Straight nin' the curves
flatnin' the hills Someday the mountain will.


The opening year

On this year our group was start and from this date we are providing different services of (IT) in Nepal

Designing the Future


Second Year Of Establishment

From this year our company hired more developer because of more workload. This year we hired 100 employee for web development only


Third Year

On this year we have applied new plan ie to we started making web application on different sites.We made xyz ,abc on Mr X website


Third Year Completion

This year we had did many global projects and hosted their site in global server and we started hosting


Fourth Year Completion

This year we finally completed a mile stone of satisfying 500 customer and we were glad to have this success


Fifth Year (Year of Disaster)

On April 25, 2015 Nepal had to pass to on Heavy Earthquake due to this many part of Nepal was affected almost 8000 people lost their life on this major earthquake. We were badly affected because our building also destroyed and our team scatter as well. Before earthquake we were able to satisfy 1000 customer and we had almost 500 employee on our organization and at the end we tried to recover our loss.


Sixth Year Completed

We tried to recover loss and at the end of year we finally recovered our loss but we lost those experienced employee due to earthquake and blockade most of employee went abroad due ti insecurity of their loss and we finally reached 750 employee at the end with 1000 happy customers.


Seventh Year Completed

This year we slowly increased our employee due to more project. We finally completer 1000 project with more than 1000 employees and we had almost 2500 happy customers so far


Eight Year of Success

This year we had another mile stone achievement and we crossed our milestone rate on happy customer we had planned 3000 and we reached up to 3500 and our next plan was 5000 next year


Ninth year of Succession

We managed to have 4 Branches on this current year with 2000 engineers and at the middle of 2019 we became success to make 5000 customer happy

Our Expertise

Since a decade we were serving various client on the same field

Web Development

Web Hosting

mobile app development

Web Hosting

Why Choose Horizon Group

We have qualified group who perform their task correctly


Quality Products

Delivery on Time


Best Engineers




Happy Customers